5. Bending machines / Massive forming



Flattening and pre-bending of cross-rolled or stretch-rolled aluminum bars is used to reduce the secondary scrap in the production of solid aluminum chassis parts (cars, trucks). The combination of several forming steps (flattening, bending, flattening) in just one movement saves time and money and greatly reduces the amount of flash. Essentially, the component is bent and the two bar ends are flattened within one cycle.


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Here you can find a list of all components that can be produced with our machines.

Performance data

There are various options depending on capacity requirements. There are single and double bending machines available. The workpiece is transported by robots.

Fields of application

GFU bending machines are used in the preforming of


of bending / flattening

  • Weight optimization: Bending/flattening enables a targeted reduction in chamfered ridge and wall thickness optimization in weight-critical components such as those used in cars. Pre-bending and flattening the blanks before the drop forging process saves an enormous amount of weight. In addition, the amount of bending flash is significantly reduced.
  • Safety: Components produced by bending / flattening always have a homogeneous grain flow. Due to this uninterrupted grain flow, components can be subjected to higher loads with the same amount of material, in contrast to parts produced by machining.
  • Conception: We are happy to use our know-how to help you create new production concepts based on GFU bending technology. Our offer ranges from the creation of a machine concept to the delivery of a complete line.


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