Experts in forming

Engineering the future  -  GFU - Maschinenbau GmbH

Already since 1989 GFU - Maschinebau GmbH is realizing customized concepts according to customer´s requirements.

Various GFU forming solutions are combined with profound know-how, innovative technics and reliable quality.

Both hot forming and cold forming: GFU is providing brilliant concepts.

Customers in automobile industries, aviation, oil and gas exploration, construction industries and various other sectors are trusting in machines and production lines made by GFU.



Ask GFU, if you need to solve industrial production problems.

Be informed - talk to GFU engineers and specialists! We will find the solution to make your products better, more efficient and more competitive.



Already during the offering phase GFU is providing simulations for checking the feasibility. Our team is ready to produce prototypes / sample parts immediately. The received knowledge takes place in the engineering for your new machine, so GFU provides you a maximum of safeness.


Based on the detailed presettings of the GFU technicians and engineers the components are produced. For this we count on long-term partnership to high-skilled suppliers. Key-parts are produced in-house.

Under supervision of the responsible project technician the complete machine is mounted and put into service in our production plant in Bitburg / Germany and is pre-accepted by our customer.

Transport and mounting

Long experience with transport and shipping of machines around the world are basic for secured loading, completed shipping documents and surely for a reliable time scheduling.

Based on this the GFU technicians are at customers place with arrival of the machine to proceed mounting of the machine. Of course putting into service and training of customer´s personnell is belonging to scope of services.



A machine only is as good as the service is....

You not only receive a complete and understandably documentation together with the machine. In case of disorder we are at your disposal. A first analysis will be done online by our programers and in case of our technician is at your place in 24 - 48 hours. Promise!