1. Reducing / Expanding press / Swager



The tube is held axially by at least two clamping jaws during forming. A guided drawing-in ring or expanding mandrel is pushed into/over the tube and in this way expands/reduces the workpiece. The closed design of the machine housing preferred by GFU ensures:

For necessary multiple operations, we offer an optional automatic tool changer.


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Here you can find a list of all components that can be produced with our machines.

Performance data

Für jedes Bauteil werden die Presskräfte individuell berechnet und daraufhin die jeweiligen Pressentypen ausgewählt. Die Antriebe der Anlagen basieren auf servo-hydraulischen, hydraulischen bzw. CNC-Antrieben. Das Handling der Bauteile ist jeweils auf das Anlagekonzept in Bezug auf die Bauteile zugeschnitten und ermöglicht somit höchste Flexibilität.

Fields of application

Automotive industry:


of retracting / expanding:

  • Weight optimization: Drawing / expanding enables targeted wall thickness distribution in weight-critical components, such as in the passenger car sector. Drawing-in is often a significantly cheaper and faster alternative to swaging.
  • Safety: Components produced by drawing-in / expanding basically have a homogeneous fiber course. Due to this uninterrupted fiber flow, components can be subjected to higher loads with the same material input, in contrast to machined parts.
  • Concept: We are happy to assist you with our know-how in the creation of new production concepts based on GFU necking and flaring technology. Our offer includes, starting with the sampling over the creation of a machine concept up to the delivery of complete production lines, all stations.
  • Reduction of single components: Work pieces, which used to be made of multiple single components and then welded, can be forged of wrought products. Beside of the better material properties, forging / hammering generates also cost savings on storage of single components.

Wir sind gerne bereit, Ihnen bei der Erstellung von neuen Fertigungskonzepten basierend auf der Einzieh- bzw. Aufweittechnologien und unserem Know-How behilflich zu sein. Unser Angebot umfasst, angefangen bei der Bemusterung über die Erstellung eines Maschinenkonzeptes bis hin zur Lieferung von kompletten Fertigungsstraßen, alle Stationen.


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