Reduction and calibration press HP 20

Technichal Data:

Machine Typereduction and calibration press HP 20, double side treatment
Dimensions∅ 25 - 55 mm
Wall Thickness1,5 - 2,5 mm
Cycle Timeapprox. 7 Sec.
Forming Lengthmax. 50 mm
Length150 - 300 mm
Applicationairbag high pressure vessels, shock absorbers

stand-alone unit, turn-key solution

expandable with mechanical treatment line
can be combined with high-speed end-forming line for closing of bottom shape

Airbag pressure vessel
Airbag pressure vessel
Airbag presure vessel

Ø 30 x 1,9 mm

  • Airbag pressure vessel for side airbag
  • operating pressure approx. 600 bar / 8700 psi
  • diameter reduced on both ends using GFU reducing technology (cold forming)
  • bottom closed with GFU high-speed end-forming (hot forming)
  • both ends mechanical treated
  • 100% measuring of all parts
  • Poka Yoke check system
Airbag pressure vessel