Reduction / Calibration Press HP 40/2

Technichal Data

Machine Typereduction / calibration press HP 40/2
Dimensions∅ 57 mm
Wall Thickness2,4 mm
Forming Lengthmax. 330 mm
Lengthmax. 1.800 mm
Applicationscaffold tubes, double-side reduced

turn-key solution

band loading and band unloading,
weldseam detection,
automatic lubrication,
punching unit

Scaffold rod
Scaffold rod

Scaffold rod

Ø 50 x  2,3 mm

  • welded ingoing tube without scraping of weldseam
  • diameter on both ends reduced (cold forming) to Ø 40,3 mm 
  • both ends forming length approx. 310 mm 
  • reduction grade > 20%
Scaffold rod