3. Forging machines



The tool segments (2, 3 or 4-jaw tools) exert radial compressive forces on a rotating workpiece. Different workpiece shapes can be achieved by appropriate design of the tool segments. Depending on the degree of forming, this process is carried out cold or hot. The forging process can be used for steels, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metallic materials.


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Performance data

The power capacity of the forging machines is individually adapted to the respective workpiece or the tools to be produced. In total, power capacities between 600 kN and 6,000 kN can be achieved. The combination of electronic, servo-hdyraulic and pneumatic drive and control systems enables the best possible results in terms of component quality and reproducibility. Depending on capacity requirements, different handling concepts are offered, tailored to each individual product. Double-sided, simultaneous machining of longer parts is also possible.

Fields of application

The areas of application for forging technology are diverse.

Automotive industry:



of forging / hammering

  • Weight optimization: Forging / Hammering enables a targeted distribution of the wall thickness at weight-critical components e.g. for automobile components. Using the forging / hammering technology, parts could be changed from solid to hollow material in many cases.
  • Material savings: Using forging operations with the related material displacementcomponents can be formed to the desired form without material losses. The material input can be reduced destinctively.
  • Safety: Forged / hammered components are distinguished with a homogeneous fibre flow. Differing to machined shapes the forged / hammered components are characterized by higher strength.
  • Reduction of single components: Work pieces, which used to be made of multiple single components and then welded, can be forged of wrought products. Beside of the better material properties, forging / hammering generates also cost savings on storage of single components.

With our know how we are at your disposal to develop new production concepts based on GFU forging / hammering technologies. We support you from the process related part optimization, over designing of the machine concept until the delivery of turn-key production lines.


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