4. Upsetting machines



Upsetting is based on the principle that two die segments enclose the partially heated tube and the material is then upset in the axial direction by 1 or 2 punches. Both tube and solid materials can be partially upset. Contours are possible via the tool geometry.


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Performance data

The performace data of the upsetting press is individually adapted to the respective work piece. Assisted by using simulation software the cpacity of the machine is customized to the parts and the volume. The machine is driven by servo/hydraulcal, hydraulical and CNC-drives. This grants you the very best results related to quality and repeatability. Handling components are optimized to the respective parts. This enables high flexibility with costs as low as possible.

Fields of application


of upsetting

  • Weight optimization: Upsetting enables the directed allocation of wall thickness on weight optimized parts, e.g. for automobile components. Upsetting technology allows the cutover from solid to tubes.
  • Material savings: Parts can be formed to the wanted geometrie with an upsetting operation and the linked material displacement and without material losses. The material input can be reduced destinctively.
  • Reduction of parts diversity: Parts which got welded of single components now can be produced from wrought material (tube). Because of this a high cost saving is generated by reducing the parts diversity. On upsetted one-piece solutions there is no welded seam and therefor no critical structure.
  • Safety: Upset components are distinguished with a homogeneous fibre flow. Differing to machined shapes the forged / hammered components are characterized by higher strength.

As an additional advantage, upset parts in some cases can replace friction welding process. This generates significant cost savings on material, because upset parts are produced near net shape.


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