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professionals in many countries, GFU is a competent partner in solving complex, technical problems with advanced and trend-setting technologies. According to the special wishes of the customers, a complete solution concept is developed and offered by our team.


Reducing / expanding presses / swager

The tube is held axially by at least two clamping jaws during forming. A guided drawing-in ring or expanding mandrel is pushed into/over the tube and in this way expands/reduces the workpiece. The closed design of the machine housing preferred by GFU ensures:

For necessary multiple operations, we offer an optional automatic tool changer.



The High-Speed End-Forming Process is based on the spinning/ flow-forming process principle. The main difference is that the tool is not a roller which runs off a specific shape, but a pot-shaped tool in which the entire course of the shape is incorporated. The components that can be produced by this process must be rotationally symmetrical.


Forging machines

The tool segments (2, 3 or 4-jaw tools) exert radial compressive forces on a rotating workpiece. Different workpiece shapes can be achieved by appropriate design of the tool segments. Depending on the degree of forming, this process takes place cold or hot.

The forging process can be used for steels, aluminum, copper, titanium as well as other metallic materials.


Upsetting maschines

Upsetting is based on the principle that two die segments enclose the partially heated tube and the material is then upset in the axial direction by 1 or 2 punches. Both tube and solid materials can be partially upset. Contours are possible via the tool geometry.   


Bending machines

Flattening and pre-bending of cross-rolled or stretch-rolled aluminum bars is used to reduce the secondary scrap in the production of solid aluminum chassis parts (cars, trucks). The combination of several forming steps (flattening, bending, flattening) in just one movement saves time and money and greatly reduces the amount of flash. Essentially, the component is bent and the two bar ends are flattened within one cycle.



High productivity, short tool changeover time, precise and 100% reproducible punching results, reliable machine technology and best service characterize the new GFU stamping series. 


special solutions

Special requirements demand special services. Our engineers and technicians look forward to your task and the new challenges.

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